JNJ-1661010 681136-29-8

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FAAH preincubated with JNJ-1661010 suggests a slow reversibility of the interaction between the JNJ-1661010 and the active site, which is accelerated at higher temperatures. JNJ-1661010 is a covalent, mechanism-based substrate inhibitor as examined by LC-ESI-MS. JNJ-1661010 docks with the phenylthiadiazole in the hydrophobic tunnel and the phenylurea in the hydrophilic pocket of FAAH.

JNJ-1661010 (20 mg/kg i.p.) inhibits FAAH by at least 85% for up to 4 h after dosing, resulting accumulation of lipid ethanolamides in rat brain. JNJ-1661010 dose-dependently reverses the tactile allodynia with a maximum efficacy of approximately 90% at 30 min postdose in both Mild Thermal Injury (MTI) mice and rat model. JNJ-1661010 (20 mg/kg) reverses tactile allodynia by 60.8% at 30 min in rat spinal nerve ligation injury model. JNJ-1661010 (50 mg/kg i.p.) shows a significant attenuation of the hyperalgesia at 30 min postdose in rat carrageenan model of inflammatory pain.  Rats dosed with JNJ-1661010 (20 mg/kg i.p.) has a plasma Cmax of 26.9 μM at the Tmax of 0.75 h and a Cmax in the brain of 6.04 μM at the Tmax of 2 h. JNJ-1661010 (20 mg/kg i.p.) inhibits brain FAAH and elevates AEA level in brain tissue in rat.

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