Tozasertib 639089-54-6

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Although its multi-kinase profile, VX-680 induces similar cytotoxicity with IC50 of approximately 300 nM and exhibits an AUR B-like inhibitory phenotype of G2/M arrest, endoreduplication and apoptosis in BaF3 cells transfected with ABL or FLT-3 (mutant and wild type) kinases. VX-680 prevents the CAL-62 proliferation in a time-dependent manner. VX-680 treatment for 14 days significantly decreases the number and size of colonies by approximately 70% in the 8305C and 90% in the CAL-62, 8505C and BHT-101. Treatment of the different ATC cells with VX-680 inhibits proliferation with the IC50 between 25 and 150  nM. The VX-680 significantly impairs the ability of the different cell lines to form colonies in soft agar. Analysis of caspase-3 activity indicates that VX-680 induces apoptosis in the different cell lines. CAL-62 cells exposed for 12  hours to VX-680 showed an accumulation of cells with ≥4N DNA content. Time-lapse analysis demonstrates that VX-680-treated CAL-62 cells exit metaphase without dividing. Moreover, histone H3 phosphorylation is abrogated following VX-680 treatment. VX-680 has significant inhibitory activity against BCR-Abl bearing the T315I mutation in patient-derived samples. 

VX-680 gives rise to a marked decrease in tumor size in a human AML (HL-60) xenograft model. In mude mice treateed with VX-680 at 75 mg/kg, twice a day intraperitoneally (b.i.d. i.p.) for 13 days, mean tumor volumes are reduced by 98%. Tumor growth decrease is dose dependent and significant at a dose of 12.5 mg/kg b.i.d. VX-680 is well tolerated, with a small decrease in body weight observed only at the highest dose. VX-680 also triggers tumor regresson in pancreatic and colon xenograft models. VX-680 also displays potent antitumor activity when infused i.v. in mude rats bearing established HCT116 tumors. A higher dose of VX-680 (2 mg/kg/h) improves efficacy with a 56% decrease in mean tumor volume.

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